Girl’s Android- Top5 Games for Girls


Android has stepped very well in the world of mobile apps. Everybody has a special crazy-attitude for their Android and same does a girl. Girls are known for their fantasy world and Android does the same for them. Their dresses-they love, their jewels-they flaunt and their fantasy stories never end. So does Android- below are the best games for girls:


This is one of the most famous and the most loved games for girls. This game gets you in your gleaming and glamorous world. You can act, walk on the ramp, shop those expensive and glittering clothes or go out on your dream date; all are at your end. The game will develop a fashion definition for you.



As I said jewels-they flaunt. This game does the same for you, it’s nothing related to jewellery but it is the old classic game that you love to spend time with. This game has jewels that you need to match with the jewels of same colour. This game lays a test for your memory with the best graphics.



Paradise Island-I can bet all the girls around will love it. In this game you are the creator and the owner of your island. You have to show your business skills to promote tourism. You can also customize the island according to your own wish. Be it a chain of hotels, or the party zone, build it and check out the response of the tourists.


Fashion is where girls want to stay in. And this game gives the same to them. You play to run a boutique of your own. And all your trendy dresses that you love. The player is the owner of the boutique and is the world of those designer dresses. Also the best about the game is that it’s totally your wish to select the dresses you want to sell and the ones that you want to keep. So the brings it all- shop for the dresses, create your dream interiors, and be the diva of the fashion world. Also it enables you to visit the boutiques by other users and browse through their collection.



Alchemy- this game makes you an alchemist. So if you want to gear up your brains keeping one hand dipped in creativity then is the best game you can get. This includes 4 basic elements which can be combined to result into more complex structures. You are provoked to experiment and try out all the possible combinations. You can explore 360 elements and create whatever you want, from food to skyscrapers or drinks! The game has so much to offer that you will be glued to it for hours. So this game does all for you, be it your creative path or showing your intelligence.

Now I am sure nobody can say that girls don’t like playing games. If boys love fast car races then girls are fond of their beauty. So girls out there reading the review, full indulged, now its time to come out and get the games that you love the most and upload your Android with the best one.

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