Study in your Phone: UK University to bring a Course Material App

The fastening up generation needs everything on the spot. Entertainment or some news update, for everything they have an app, then why not their educational courses. I study from my Smartphone! This is what The Open University is aiming at. The Open University is a distance learning university in U.K… And probably all the students seem to be a happy-go-student with the news of this app.

The developers have named this app as OUAnywhere app. With this app the students of undergraduate courses can get the access of their basic study material. This app is expected to be available for the students by the next year. The app is reported to support both the Smartphone and tablet. Also OU will deliver audio-visual course contents that will drop in as a helping hand for the students.

The developers pat their back by saying that the app is being designed from the ground-up for touch interfaces, and emphasizes that the app will offer “high quality visual images rather than lists”.

According to the reports the app is expected to be available over “a plethora of platforms”. The best part is that the app can be navigated in both iOS and Android gadgets. And for other operating systems it’s available in HTML format. It is expected to support following devices:

  • Android devices
  • iPads (iPad 1 and above)
  • iPhones (iPhone 3GS and above)
  • Kindle Fire
  • Microsoft Surface

OUAnywhere has come out of a survey, the survey laid very factual and amazing results, it was noticed that “the use of mobile devices by students — the OU notes that mobile usage of its virtual learning environment in one month is now comparable to usage for an entire quarter of the previous year”. Also it was analyzed that students spend more time on web via their phones or tablets than actually visiting the classes. And definitely this figures aren’t unknown to any of the readers.

Also the university aims at clasping more time of their students on studies, then let the provider be a gadget. Also the university has planned to provide all the study material for the students to be made available on the app. The emphasis of beneficiaries even includes those students who opt studies with their full time jobs. This app will surely become a great guide and will also provide an accessible studying environment.

At present the students need to wait for their study materials to be posted to them. The university has made a few materials available online. But it believes that more than the printed textbooks or audio CDs or DVDs may not serve the entire purpose. The app will be a source that will blend all the resources of material in a compact package.

Also OU has noticed that its scalable XML work-flow charts can automatically give its files in multiple formats. Also this will definitely pair up many enthusiastic souls to spend their hours in their phones, busy studying. Also it will deliver the ability to repurpose existing study materials for new delivery mechanisms such as mobile. So definitely OU is expected to spell its magic in the campus and carry it in outside too.

Also the university has planned to come up with interactive e-books with embedded audio, video and HTML learning exercises in future as updates in the apps.Probably the release seems to be pending for Q1 in 2013. And let’s hope for a positive response to gained by the students.

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