Windows 8- A Brief Review

The Good: Fun and fast, huge security enhancement, faster boot, fabulous touch, charm bar, loaded with security features like BitLocker, AppLocker and Secure Boot, it successfully prevents unauthorized usage of applications and software, offers same platform across PC, phone and tablet.

The Bad: Start menu isn’t there anymore, some older CPUs won’t be able to run it, strictly designed keeping touch interface in mind and people using it on a non-touch environment will not enjoy using it, some people might not be comfortable with the modern UI, Windows app store has far less apps than its rivals.

Most anticipated release of the year has finally occurred. Windows 8 has recently hit the market officially and there is enough to say already. The last Windows operating system- Windows 7 was release 3 years back and Windows 8 is its successor. This operating system has been a complete transformation in terms of both appearance as well as usage. Let take a deep dive into its GOODs and BADs. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s first Windows Operating System with multi-touch ability. The operating system is loaded with security features with ability to run Windows Vista and Windows 7 legacy apps.

The all-new UI

The biggest change when you switch from any previous version to Windows 8 is in its interface. The name “Metro” was highly used for this interface, however Microsoft has retired this name but many people are still used to that name. The first screen after the system boots up is a tiled-view of upcoming calendar events, weather reports, incoming tweets etc. One more thing to notice is the missing Start menu. The touch capability is smooth and comforting.

Enhanced Performance

Windows 8 was designer keeping elegance, style and performance in mind. The operating system is surprisingly fast. It boots up faster, loads program quicker and has extra efficiency in managing tasks. In addition to all this, Windows 8 manages energy usage very well. When idle, it drops to a very low power usage state to save power and battery life.

Extra level of Security

Windows 8 offers very convincing security. In addition to the standard password, you can set a 4digit pin to unlock the device. The new security feature that Microsoft has added is “Picture password.” With this feature, you can select any photo and do some random actions on it, which you can replicate easily. This can be used as a password. You do not even need to hit the exact same pixel (just need to repeat the pattern) to unlock the device.

Windows 8 has made vast changes and most of it for good. It offers myriads of built-in applications offering different functionalities ranging from fun applications for gaming, music videos to work related applications. In all the operating system packs, all that you want to do with your operating system. Few glitches if covered would make this operating system a real masterpiece. However, if you are planning to use this on a non-touch device, you might not enjoy it much.

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