Mobee gets the magical Magic Bar

“A greener way to use your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.” This is how Mobee brings the new in market, baptized under the name of Magic Bar.

The story behind the statement is that this Bar gives you the leverage to replace the two standards AA batteries. These batteries are very popular among the Apple’s renowned computer accessories that promise to stay alive for a usage of 10 days. These are rechargeable batteries compiled together in a cylindrical battery pack.

Also it is the one that takes the shortest minutes to get adapted and the shows its power for the longest days. What you need to do is the easiest in the, just put your existing battery out of the case and slide the Magic Bar pack in it and then put the screw back in the place. That is it! This you can take as an instruction, while fitting in all you won’t need the screws of the existing battery any more still it’s important to keep it safe. And the best part that I really like about this battery pack is that it doesn’t need any helping tool to fit in, it just needs the support of your hands.

The most important if all is the ‘base station’ of the Magic Bar that comes with a USB connection which suits well to adjust in your computer and get energised. This USB charger works as the dock of inductivity. Also you can put off the dock station out of the connectivity when your charging act has been successfully held. But as Mobee says you’ll be happy even leaving it there on the desk, as it has done a great job by matching Apple’s aesthetics, and the base station appears as if it could have been made by Apple itself. Also company keeps the nature ethics, it’s made up of aluminium and can be even recycled.

This is what all its users would love, for the uninitiated, “inductive” charging works when the product is placed in the cradle. Also you really don’t need to use your senses allot, all you need to do is just simply place the rear of your Apple Wireless Keyboard or Magic Trackpad resting on the dock of your battery to get charged. Most people are in a sense of charging the battery overnight for making it run for next two weeks.

This is some-what expensive, if you run both the Apple accessories you need to buy another Mobee battery as the Magic Bar comes with only one battery. But the good is that the ‘base station’ is compatible to both Keyboard and Trackpad, all you need to do is dock them separately while charging.

So you can use this Magic Bar and feel the magical usage of around two weeks.

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