Best 5 Android apps that your kids will love to use

Today’s kids are more tech savvy than ever before and mobile phones are their new favorite. Keeping this in mind, Android has added several useful yet fun applications especially for kids. Out of the numerous applications for your children, 5 top-rated applications are mentioned below:

The Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

This game is designed to improve the knowledge of your children. It is a perfect blend of amusement and education. This app offers different types of puzzles for kids within 3-6 yrs of age. These are educational as well as entertaining. Your kids can spend plenty of time solving these puzzles and they will get to learn about basic shapes. This will make their mind more dynamic. The game is easily understandable and is available both as free and paid version. Free version includes near about 20 puzzles where paid version includes much more.

Angry Bird

It is among the most popular game application for people belonging to any age group. The game is extremely interesting and anyone can spend hours playing this. The gameplay is fascinating where the birds plan to take revenge on pigs that ate their eggs. The sound of birds and pigs and the graphics are hilarious. The game is available free of cost in the Android Play Store and is a complete entertainment package.

Talking Tom Cats

Talking Tom is your pet Cat (named Tom), that repeats what you say in a funny voice and responds when you touch it. It is one of the cutest Android apps and you’ll love watching your kids pet Tom. You can make him say whatever you want, poke him or touch his tail and Tom responds to each on it in a funny way. If you leave him ignored for long, he’ll sneeze or yawn. You can enjoy hours of laughter with him and share your funny videos of Talking Tom on Facebook and YouTube.


This is not an entertainment application. It is a very useful application aimed to benefit kids in academics. The application is used to maintain a schedule of your homework. This enables kids to manage time properly. You can schedule lesson reminders at the time of exams. Homework works best on tablets. The app has 5 screens and a central menu. You can create lists of multiple assignments and sort them as per dates.

Doodle Jump

It is another striking android application made for complete enjoyment. Your kids will definitely love this app. They can score high with the help of doodlers and high jumps. Few appropriate changes have been done to the latest version of this game and are easily available in Android market. The application is a perfect match of skills and entertainment.

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