Which Is Better: Nexus 4 or iPhone 5?

There has been a tough competition between smartphone companies, which provide more or less similar features. The history has witnessed many such rivalries, however lately it is between Google and Apple. The struggle to bag the winner’s position is between Nexus 4 and iPhone 5, read on to find the fields for which they are competing.


This is the thing that catches the eyes of an individual during the first glimpse of a phone. The trend going on these days is “the bigger it is the better it is”. Nexus 4 has 4.7 inch HD display, which has a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels that has 318 pixels per inch.

IPhone 5 has 4 inch backlit display, which has a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels with a pixel density of 326 ppi. Here, you can understand that the display quality of iPhone 5 is better than that of Nexus. However, both the devices have Gorilla glass protection.


The weight of Nexus 4 is 139g and iPhone 5 is 112g, so it is evident that iPhone 5 is lighter than Nexus 4. The dimension of Nexus 4 is 133.9mm x 68.7mm x 9.1mm and that of iPhone 5 is 123.8mm x 58.6mm x 7.6mm.

Apple had an idea of keeping the width of iPhone 5 is same as its elder brother, however it is slightly taller than iPhone 4. The design of iPhone 5 is created with a notion of handling it singe-handed comfortably, which is bit difficult with Nexus 4 because of its heavy weight.

Nexus body is made up of plastic, which makes it heavier and more solid than iPhone 5, iPhone 5 is made up of aluminum that makes it way beyond lighter than Nexus 4. It is, however, important to mention that the aluminum body of iPhone 5 is more susceptible to scuffs despite of being more stylish.

Interface and Platform:

IPhone 5 uses the latest iOS 6 and Nexus 4 uses the best version of Android O.S viz. 4.2 Jelly Bean. You cannot get away from the fact that iOS 6 provides a great platform for high-end games and applications. Also the fact lies that to watch a YouTube video, to have a great experience of desktop browsing in a phone and for perfect directions, there is not any better option other than an Android phone.

Our Verdict:

It is too early to decide the winner between the two; there are pros and cons with both the models. However, it is always the “user” who decides which device takes it over. All we can do now is: wait for the audience response, which is the ultimate deciding factor.

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