You May Like iPad Mini More Than iPad 3

Lately, iPad Mini has been unveiled and changed the opinion of Apple users, who expected things to be different with iPad Mini. When it was known that it lacks the retina display, the users were put off thinking it wouldn’t be worth purchasing it. However, we have to admit the fact that after having hands on with this model, we can say that in many cases, it is better than iPad 3. If you have an experience of iOS ecosystem, then you would enjoy the comfort that iPad Mini provides with its 8-inch display. Read on the five reasons behind our verdict.


It can be carried anywhere, as the device is extremely light in your pocket. This doesn’t mean that iPad 3 is not good, but portability does matter. Also, you can download Kindle app faster in iPad mini and start reading your e-books immediately.


These days, people are so much obsessed with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites that they tend to spend time reading their RSS Feeds, chatting and scrambling around the sites. It becomes difficult to do such things using a laptop or a computer, while lying down or walking around the room. Of course, you can use an iPad 3 or any previous generation of iPad, but using iPad Mini will give you a high level of comfort, as you can hold it without much effort and use it in any kind of posture.

1024×768 display:

As iPad Mini has 1024×768 display, it can be used with the mobile optimized websites and also, with full blown websites. An added advantage is that you can either use the optimized apps meant for iPad or you have an option of blowing up the iPhone apps in a bigger screen.

Renders easy typing:

It was great to discover that we could type using the thumbs, while holding it in a portrait mode. The experience is just the same as in a phone. However, iPad 3 or previous models do not provide such an ease of typing.


If you could remember, I mentioned about the familiarity of iOS ecosystem. It is because iPad Mini can use many of the apps both from iPad and iPhone, which means you can dive into the sea of wide variety of apps.

iPad Mini may not be for the users, who have higher demands along with a retina display screen. However, it would be suitable for many other users who need a lighter, faster and flexible version of iPad.

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