Adorable Gaming Apps for Your Kid

When the apps developer community is busy in developing apps with an intention to make the life of a professional easier, they do take some time out to make the life of kids interesting, by developing apps that are meant for them. There are certain apps that have been developed, lately for the kids. So, here you go:

Crossword Puzzles:

The name says for itself, it has 48 crosswords with a combination of 300 words in wide variety of categories. Few of them are clothes, food, animals, colors and many more. The best part of this puzzle is that it is not at all clumsy for the kids to understand it. Every puzzle has been leveled with color coded hints, however until you completely solve one level, you will not be able to jump to the tougher ones.

The letters would be floating above, which will keep you notified about what you’re doing. This is not only for fun sake, but at the same time it is educational too. The rating given to it is 4.1 out of 5 and it costs $1.99.

Flow Free:

You need to be alert while playing this Flow Free, as you have to connect the colored dots by drawing lines and the lines are not supposed to intersect one another. It is then, you know that it is easy to start playing this game, but difficult to complete it. So, the smarter you play harder it would be to stop you.

Flow Free has been rated 4.5 out of 5 and it is absolutely, free of cost.

Negative Nimbus:

Negative Nimbus is a game that needs to be controlled by scrolling sidewise, according to the timer. To qualify through a level, your kid needs to develop smart motor skills. Whenever a cloud moves over the meadow, you have to turn it on, so that it rains and a flower grows. You need to be alert with the timing, to earn more score and goodies to unlock levels.

However, remember that this game couldn’t be loaded on an iPad 2. Also, if you do not like the music, you can disable it in the information menu. The rating of this game is 4.25 out of 5 and it costs $0.99.

These games are pretty affordable and you can provide your kids with some entertainment along with learning. Your child can try its hands from counting to solving puzzles, which are also a part of their academics. So, be a smart parent of a smart kid and make use of the apps that are available for the growth of your child.

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