Apps for Making Reading Experience Great In Your e-Book Reader!

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Reading has been made an incredible experience, with e-book readers in the market. Every time, you want to read something, you can have it handy in your e-book reader, which eliminates the need of strolling around the book shops.

Despite of being the best option for all the readers, it is not necessary that your e-book reader has the apps that will make your reading experience great. There are certain Android apps, which let you have an easy access to the e-books, reading e-books without interrupting the usual activities, and the best part is their ‘free’ availability.

Let us have a look at few of the Android apps, to make reading better than before.

Aldiko Book Reader


‘Aldiko Book Reader’ app, for Android users, gives an easy access to the library of innumerous books, which are absolutely free. We believe that this app will prove to be more helpful to the students than other group of people, as this app can take you to a library that has more number of classics than the latest best sellers.

Audible for Android


‘Audible for Android’ app will not let you stop any other activity, for reading a book. Haven’t you got it yet? It’s pretty simple, installing this app in your e-book reader will read out the book to you. Also you can exit the app, while the audio goes on.

You need to become a member of, before using the full fledged version of this app. The membership costs $14.95 per month.

Book Catalogue


When you gather a huge library of books, it often becomes unmanageable and you may face difficulties to retrieve a particular e-book, when you need it. ‘Book Catalogue’ will let you organize books in a proper and easy manner, which will be helpful later.

This app will scan the bar code of the e-books and arrange them accordingly or according to the thumbnails of the book covers.

Kindle for Android


‘Kindle for Android’ app provides the user with almost more than 750,000 e-books, ranging from the classics to the latest and best e-books. Do not worry about using it in both your Android and Kindle devices, as these purchased e-books can be accessed in Kindle device from Android device.

Okenko Books Reader


‘Okenko Books Reader’ app goes best with children. It is a subscription service that releases an e-book every two weeks. Your child can enjoy the best out of your e-book reader, with this Okenko Books Reader service. The subscription charge is $2 per month and you will get a free e-book, upon subscription. Make the best out of your e-book reader, with these apps installed in your reading device.

Article by Jack of TechHelpApps, a site that offers quick solutions to your computer problems. For any technical related issues or queries on computer malfunctioning, drop in at techhelpapps.


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