Swift Key 4- The best virtual keyboard for Androids



  • Improved text prediction
  • More language option
  • Swipe-style “Flow” gesture typing


  • A price tag of $3.99 will make a lot of people think twice before buying

Bottom Line:

  • Best Android keyboard

Swift Key’s new version (Swift Key 4) is out with a lot of better offerings. For those who don’t know about it, it is a virtual keyboard application for Android devices and happens to be the winner of “Most innovative app” accolade at Global Mobile Awards.  What sets it apart from other virtual keyboard applications is its ability to understand typing patterns and how different words work together. The prediction engine is improved with more language support and the best add on is Swift Key Flow. Flow adds gesture-typing to the application, which means that now you can swipe through the alphabets to form your word, without lifting your finger off the keyboard. The app is not only good at predicting the next letter, but also the next word you need to type.

Swift Key 4 continues to learn your typing pattern from SMS, e-mails and social media accounts (if enabled). This helps the app serve you better predictions. Another stupendous feature is its Smart Space that can understand when you accidently miss out or mistype spaces in typing. In fact, you can type an entire sentence without space and Swift Key 4 will correct it for you.

Swift Key’s Flow is a gesture-based input scheme (just like Swipe), which lets you type by simply dragging (without pulling off) your fingers over the screen in a single motion. It also lets you bowse over space bar, so that you can type multiple words without lifting your finger from the screen. Also, it is not necessary to glide your fingers all the time. If you are not very fond of this style of typing then you can easily switch back to the traditional mode of typing.

Swift Key 4 offers a wide set of tools to improve efficiency in typing. You can also learn from How-to videos (under Settings menu). Under statistics section, you can check the keystrokes that Swift Key has saved for you.

Last but certainly not the least, you can also customize the keyboard and adjust key heights that suits your typing needs. A variety of color schemes are available to add fun to the app. The $3.99 tag may seem a bit steep to some people, but if you use this keyboard, you’ll find it worthy of every dime.

Article by Jack of Tech Help Apps, a site that offers quick solutions to your computer problems. For any technical related issues or queries on computer malfunctioning, drop in at techhelpapps.


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