How to Watch TV on a PC

In general, the cost of cable tends to be between $40 and $100 when you don’t include the costs of Internet. Within a year, that can add up to as much as $1200, which is the cost of one month of mortgage for plenty of people.

Nowadays, many people are cutting their cable bill in favor of a cheaper, and in some cases, completely free, alternative. Here are few ways you can watch TV on a PC.

Hulu Plus:

Would you rather pay $7.99 to watch the shows you enjoy, or would you rather pay around $60 for a package hundreds of channels, 90 to 99 percent of which you will never watch? Most people would pick the cheaper option.

With a subscription to Hulu Plus, you will have access to unlimited streaming of all your favorite shows and movies, such as Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, and much, much more on your personal computer.

Hulu Plus truly has a wide variety of movies and shows available. They have classic movies, award-winning movies, and movies and shows you won’t find anywhere else, and all of this in HD as well.

Not only will you be able to watch TV on your personal computer, but you will also be able to watch TV on many other devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, iPod, and even your gaming consoles.

You can try out Hulu Plus for free for one week before you subscribe, and once you subscribe, you’re free to cancel the subscription any time.


When people go on YouTube, they typically want to watch music videos, the videos of the channels they’ve subscribed to, as well as viral videos. Despite the popularity of YouTube, there are a shocking number of people who do not know that there’s a section of YouTube where you can watch TV shows and movies.

You’ll find all your favorite TV shows as well as movies in almost every genre imaginable, such as comedy, romance, music, crime, science fiction, classic, family, horror, animated, drama, action and adventure, and even Indian Cinema. Most of these TV shows and movies cost money, ranging from about $2 to $15.

If you don’t want to spend money, you’ll find over 1000 free quality movies, such as Enduring Love and classics like Popeye.

For those who love anime, you’ll find a lot of free anime under the “Free TV Shows” section of YouTube. Fairy Tale and Age are just two of the anime shows you can watch for free.


Netflix is another subscription-based service that allows you to watch streamed videos. This service, like Hulu Plus, costs $7.99 per month as well. However, one reason why you may want to choose Netflix over Hulu Plus is because they allow you to try out their service for one whole month instead of a week like Hulu Plus.

Otherwise, Netflix is generally very similar to Hulu Plus, as you can watch TV shows and movies on any device and you can cancel at any time you want as well.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can watch TV on a personal computer, and for much, much cheaper than the cost of cable. If you dislike the small screen of a personal computer compared to a TV, then you can get an HDMI cable and hook up your PC to your TV to watch your shows on the big screen.

This has been a guest post from Jayvee at Australia’s TV on PC website. If you’d like to know more about watching your favorite shows on your computer, tablet or laptop, then have a look at their site.


Things you must see while buying a Desktop

Purchasing computer for home or business purpose is a tough call and it becomes tougher with the exceeding number of choices that are prefaced in the market every day. In order to pick the best one around, you need to have thorough understanding of what you need in your PC. Below is a list of computer components that you should check before buying a computer.


CPU is one of the most important components of your computer. The processor you choose for your computers will decide your PC’s shape, size and performance. In general, the higher is your CPU’s clock speed; the better is its performance and of course, the higher is its price. Another specification to check is the cache size. More cache size is always better. Core i3 and i5 processors offer 4MB cache whereas Core i7 processors give you 6 to 8MB cache.

If your PC’s requirement is limited to word processing, limited media playback, web surfing an Atom processor should work fine for you. However, if your PC has to handle high-end work or serious gaming, then you’ll need to have Core i5 or i7 processors.

Graphic Cards:

Graphics Processing Unit is responsible for whatever is displayed on your computer screen. Whether you watch videos or play games, a GPU is required to do it. Your computer has an integrated GPU, built on the motherboard or in CPU itself and if you are not interested in high-end games, then the in-built CPU will work perfect for you. However, if you have keen interest in high-end gaming, then need to have a discrete graphic card. NVidia and ATI offer a wide range of GPUs to choose from. If you are interested to buy one, you need to keep on simple thing in mind; the higher the number better will be the graphic card and higher will be its price tag. GPUs also depend on the size and brand of your motherboard. For gamers with generous wallet, its best to go for ATI’s Crossfire or NVidia’s SLI technology. A high-end graphic card will cost you in the range near about $150 to $350.


If your computer is for a little more than normal web surfing, emails and word processing, 2GB RAM is well to do. More RAM allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously and it helps improve your computer’s speed and performance. Today, all computers generally come with a minimum 4GB of RAM (though small budget PCs may have 2GB or 3GB).

If your computer needs to handle serious multi-tasking or heavy games, then you need to have at least 4GB RAM. If you do image or video editing, your computer might ask for more (8GB or 16GB). If you are shopping for RAM, you’ll notice two different types: DDR2 and DDR3. Among the two, DDR3 is faster and more expensive.

Hard Drive:

Even the most basic PC should have at least 320GB or hard disk space (though small PCs start with a size of 160GB). Power PCs offer 2TB or even more with options to combine solid-state drive with a hard drive. If your data storage requirement is high, 750GB or 1TB is a fair size.

Keyboard, Mouse and Removable Storage:

Though small but these are also very important components of your PC. Removable storage like CDs and DVDs are necessary and nowadays we have Blue-rays to offer amazing video quality. Wireless mouse and keyboards are good to choose if you get irritated with the tangles on your computer desk.

If you keep these things in mind before buying your PC and choose your computer wisely, you’ll never regret your choice.

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Fix Error 1933 Easily!

Microsoft Windows Configuration

Generally Error 1933 reads, “Windows files must be installed for your installation to proceed”. This error occurs, when a user tries to install a Microsoft project on a Windows XP system (or Microsoft 2000 or Microsoft 2003). So, this problem occurs when the files to be installed face conflicts with the operating system.

Cause of Error 1933:


This problem occurs when Microsoft project attempts to copy Fpencode.dll file, which has been write-protected by any of the above mentioned operating systems. This behavior occurs, when you try to install the Microsoft project in a system that is running on OEM version of Windows XP. Your system will not allow the installation of files and the setup will try to overwrite these files.

If your system is running on Windows XP Home edition, then you will be prompted to insert Windows XP Professional CD.

How to resolve Error 1933?


You need to copy the Fpencode.dll file from the Microsoft’s project to the location—Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\40\Bin folder. Let us see the steps involved in doing this:

  • Insert the CD of the Microsoft Project. Make sure that the CD shouldn’t run automatically. So, you need to press & hold the ‘Shift’ key.
  • Open your Windows Explorer and navigate to the location that has your Microsoft project, usually CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
  • Search for ‘Fpencode.dll’ file and copy it, by right clicking on it.
  • Go to Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\40\Bin folder location and paste ‘Fpencode.dll’ file into it.
  • ‘Confirm File Replace’ dialog box will appear asking for the confirmation of replacing the files. Confirm it, by clicking ‘Yes’.
  • Exit your Windows Explorer folder.
  • Now, run Microsoft’s project and you will be able to install the files successfully.

If this doesn’t work, then you may need to copy ‘Fp4autl.dll’ file too. After these two files are copied from the Microsoft Project, run the project and it should work.

Article by Jack of TechHelpApps, a site that offers quick solutions to your computer problems. For any technical related issues or queries on computer malfunctioning, drop in at techhelpapps.