Standard or Wide Screen: Choose Your Monitor Wisely!

For some users, standard size of monitor is good and some feel satisfied with the wide screen monitor. The difference in choice depends upon the difference in need. Few of them enjoy watching movies, playing games and doing other activities in wide screen monitor.

For other users, standard size monitor suffices the need. Users, who need to work on documents or presentations, will be satisfied with the standard size monitor. Both the kind of monitors have pros and cons. It is you, who has to decide the kind of monitor for your needs. What we are talking about is—how to select the perfect monitor screen for your computer. Many factors come into play, while selecting the perfect monitor. Here you are!


Monitors are usually, measured based upon the diagonal. This doesn’t mean that a 19-inch standard monitor is same like a 19-inch wide screen monitor. For example, the height of a 19-inch standard monitor could be 11 inches and the width could be 15 inches. However, height and width of a 19-inch wide screen monitor could be 9-inches and 16-inches respectively. So, the monitor‘s diagonal size is misleading often. By now, you would have observed that wide screen monitor is bigger and shorter.


Operating systems like Windows 7 and Mac OS X are compatible with both standard and wide screen monitors. In fact, most of the operating systems are compatible with both the kind of monitors. However there are programs, which do not really blend with wide screen monitor.

If your personal computer is too old, then buying a wide screen monitor without checking the compatibility will be a risky approach.

Widescreen monitor:

The name says for itself. Wide screen monitor accommodates bigger part of the program. If you’re working with spreadsheets, then you do not have to worry about the part of spreadsheet from being hidden on the screen.

Of course, the movies and games are worth playing in wide screen monitor, as these can be enjoyed in detail. Programs like Adobe Dreamweaver are easy to use in these monitors, as several panels of this program can be feasibly accommodated in these monitors.

Standard monitor:

Standard monitors serve better in other purposes. For example, if you are working on a document, it requires scrolling from top to bottom and vice versa. Wide screen monitor could be difficult to use in such cases, as those monitors are shorter. However, standard monitors are more comfortable to use for developing documents.

Also standard monitors are better than wide screen monitors, for some games.

Perhaps, it will be easier for you to make a better decision of buying the kind of monitor that will suit you the best.

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