Windows 8 And Windows RT: Take Full privilege of SkyDrive

I lost my data when I formatted my system! Is this you’re usual complain? I wish to use my data anywhere at any time, is it possible!!! Is this what you probably wish every time? Then I believe you should rather give a try to Windows 8 and Windows RT, where you get a SkyDrive and 7 GB of free file storage in the cloud as a part of the defaulted settings.  And then it just simply links your Microsoftaccount from your PC to SkyDrive, and the resultant is the speed to access your data on cloud on a faster pace than ever.

So for the purpose of your good, I have listed down few great things that you can do with the SkyDrive app for Windows 8 and Windows RT:

  • With the help of this Skydrive, you can easily view your files anywhere you wish to, and also you can view the files that you have shared and the office files that you have recently viewed.

  • It gives you the leverage to upload files on your PC to SkyDrive that will allow you to access them from other computers or from your smartphone.

  • You can easily download files from SkyDrive to your system.

  • Also it has the ability to share files from SkyDrive by using the Share charm. For instance, it provides you with the facility to choose the Mail app to send an email message with a link to a photo that’s on SkyDrive.

By Now you would have understood that how well the SkyDrive app does helps you. But there is still more, it even allows you to upload or open files on SkyDrive from other Windows Store apps on your PC. You can experience it in the Mail app; you easily get the chance to save a photo that somebody would have sent you in the mail in your SkyDrive. Also you can feel yourself privileged when you’re picking a lock-screen picture, and then you get a chance to open a photo from your SkyDrive. Also with the help of SkyDrive your photos get its weay directly I the photos app and you can easily view it.


  • This is important, you can easily install the SkyDrive desktop app for Windows, and when you get it installed you can now keep copies of files on different computers in sync and browse files and folders on one PC from another.

And probably when you are getting all these, then surely you are quite excited to use a Windows 8 and Windows RT, so what are you waiting for, go and grab one for yourself.


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