Swift Key 4- The best virtual keyboard for Androids



  • Improved text prediction
  • More language option
  • Swipe-style “Flow” gesture typing


  • A price tag of $3.99 will make a lot of people think twice before buying

Bottom Line:

  • Best Android keyboard

Swift Key’s new version (Swift Key 4) is out with a lot of better offerings. For those who don’t know about it, it is a virtual keyboard application for Android devices and happens to be the winner of “Most innovative app” accolade at Global Mobile Awards.  What sets it apart from other virtual keyboard applications is its ability to understand typing patterns and how different words work together. The prediction engine is improved with more language support and the best add on is Swift Key Flow. Flow adds gesture-typing to the application, which means that now you can swipe through the alphabets to form your word, without lifting your finger off the keyboard. The app is not only good at predicting the next letter, but also the next word you need to type.

Swift Key 4 continues to learn your typing pattern from SMS, e-mails and social media accounts (if enabled). This helps the app serve you better predictions. Another stupendous feature is its Smart Space that can understand when you accidently miss out or mistype spaces in typing. In fact, you can type an entire sentence without space and Swift Key 4 will correct it for you.

Swift Key’s Flow is a gesture-based input scheme (just like Swipe), which lets you type by simply dragging (without pulling off) your fingers over the screen in a single motion. It also lets you bowse over space bar, so that you can type multiple words without lifting your finger from the screen. Also, it is not necessary to glide your fingers all the time. If you are not very fond of this style of typing then you can easily switch back to the traditional mode of typing.

Swift Key 4 offers a wide set of tools to improve efficiency in typing. You can also learn from How-to videos (under Settings menu). Under statistics section, you can check the keystrokes that Swift Key has saved for you.

Last but certainly not the least, you can also customize the keyboard and adjust key heights that suits your typing needs. A variety of color schemes are available to add fun to the app. The $3.99 tag may seem a bit steep to some people, but if you use this keyboard, you’ll find it worthy of every dime.

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Apps for Making Reading Experience Great In Your e-Book Reader!

e book

Reading has been made an incredible experience, with e-book readers in the market. Every time, you want to read something, you can have it handy in your e-book reader, which eliminates the need of strolling around the book shops.

Despite of being the best option for all the readers, it is not necessary that your e-book reader has the apps that will make your reading experience great. There are certain Android apps, which let you have an easy access to the e-books, reading e-books without interrupting the usual activities, and the best part is their ‘free’ availability.

Let us have a look at few of the Android apps, to make reading better than before.

Aldiko Book Reader


‘Aldiko Book Reader’ app, for Android users, gives an easy access to the library of innumerous books, which are absolutely free. We believe that this app will prove to be more helpful to the students than other group of people, as this app can take you to a library that has more number of classics than the latest best sellers.

Audible for Android


‘Audible for Android’ app will not let you stop any other activity, for reading a book. Haven’t you got it yet? It’s pretty simple, installing this app in your e-book reader will read out the book to you. Also you can exit the app, while the audio goes on.

You need to become a member of Audible.com, before using the full fledged version of this app. The membership costs $14.95 per month.

Book Catalogue


When you gather a huge library of books, it often becomes unmanageable and you may face difficulties to retrieve a particular e-book, when you need it. ‘Book Catalogue’ will let you organize books in a proper and easy manner, which will be helpful later.

This app will scan the bar code of the e-books and arrange them accordingly or according to the thumbnails of the book covers.

Kindle for Android


‘Kindle for Android’ app provides the user with almost more than 750,000 e-books, ranging from the classics to the latest and best e-books. Do not worry about using it in both your Android and Kindle devices, as these purchased e-books can be accessed in Kindle device from Android device.

Okenko Books Reader


‘Okenko Books Reader’ app goes best with children. It is a subscription service that releases an e-book every two weeks. Your child can enjoy the best out of your e-book reader, with this Okenko Books Reader service. The subscription charge is $2 per month and you will get a free e-book, upon subscription. Make the best out of your e-book reader, with these apps installed in your reading device.

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Get Yourself Organized with the best 5 Productivity apps


If you are done with playing hell lot of games on your Smartphone and now want make your mobile devices more useful than just an entertainer, then there are pool of applications that will do wonders for you. These apps are designed to help you organize few aspects of your life. Now you can go on wasting hours to find which app will suit you best or you can continue reading to find the 5 most productive apps that you should have. Most of these applications and some may cost few clams, but as per the work they do, you wouldn’t mind spending on them.

DropBox (For iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android)


DropBox is a free Cloud Storage application that you would cherish. You can use it to access videos, photos, important documents and other stuff from any computer or mobile device. You can save your files in DropBox of your computer and this will simultaneously be available to all other devices you have. Even if you lose you device, the data remains save in the DropBox, which you access online. With this app, you will no more worry about forgetting an important file in a meeting or even if your PDA is missing.

Triplt (All Mobile Devices)


This app is a must have for travelers. If you are always hopping from one place to another then Triplt is going to help you organize all your traveling and it’s really good at it. Simply forward your flight confirmation emails to Triplt and it will generate your itinerary automatically. Whether you need to share your traveling schedule with someone (Facebook or LinkedIn contact) or remind yourself about the next traveling, Triplt does it all for you. Simple version of this app is free, however higher version are paid.

SwiftKey 3


It is really frustrating when you have to keep scrolling in the options to find the appropriate word while typing. Most of the times your phone fails to guess what you want to type but this is not the case with SwiftKey 3. SwiftKey 3 is Android’s smarter, faster and more accurate keyboard. The app includes artificial intelligence, which helps them learn your writing style. The app also predicts the next word you might want to type. It also predicts the places you visit and the people you know based on the sources you allot to SwiftKey 3. If it all sounds a bit creepy, then go on and read the privacy policy of this app, which clearly says that the company doesn’t store your login credentials, passwords or key presses.


Pulse NewsMain._SL648_V165455553_

This app is perfect for news junkies who love to read news in leisurely manner. Pulse organize all of your favorite news sources, frame it into attractive tiles, sync them across other devices you use and save it as an offline content to read it later. This is like creating a newspaper the way you want it to be. When you want to read from this app, you can simply tap into the tile you are interested to read.

Wayk 4


Wayk 4 is a gen-next alarm clock that does a little more than a simple wake me up device and is much smarter. To set the alarm time, choose the hours on inner digital wheel and minutes on outer digital wheel. When alarm rings in the morning, wave your hand over your touch phone to make it snooze for some time. The alarm reminds you of the time along with the local temperature. There is also an option to wake up with your favorite RSS feed or to your Google Calendar so that you can prepare the day ahead before you laid a step on the ground.

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Best 5 Android apps that your kids will love to use

Today’s kids are more tech savvy than ever before and mobile phones are their new favorite. Keeping this in mind, Android has added several useful yet fun applications especially for kids. Out of the numerous applications for your children, 5 top-rated applications are mentioned below:

The Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

This game is designed to improve the knowledge of your children. It is a perfect blend of amusement and education. This app offers different types of puzzles for kids within 3-6 yrs of age. These are educational as well as entertaining. Your kids can spend plenty of time solving these puzzles and they will get to learn about basic shapes. This will make their mind more dynamic. The game is easily understandable and is available both as free and paid version. Free version includes near about 20 puzzles where paid version includes much more.

Angry Bird

It is among the most popular game application for people belonging to any age group. The game is extremely interesting and anyone can spend hours playing this. The gameplay is fascinating where the birds plan to take revenge on pigs that ate their eggs. The sound of birds and pigs and the graphics are hilarious. The game is available free of cost in the Android Play Store and is a complete entertainment package.

Talking Tom Cats

Talking Tom is your pet Cat (named Tom), that repeats what you say in a funny voice and responds when you touch it. It is one of the cutest Android apps and you’ll love watching your kids pet Tom. You can make him say whatever you want, poke him or touch his tail and Tom responds to each on it in a funny way. If you leave him ignored for long, he’ll sneeze or yawn. You can enjoy hours of laughter with him and share your funny videos of Talking Tom on Facebook and YouTube.


This is not an entertainment application. It is a very useful application aimed to benefit kids in academics. The application is used to maintain a schedule of your homework. This enables kids to manage time properly. You can schedule lesson reminders at the time of exams. Homework works best on tablets. The app has 5 screens and a central menu. You can create lists of multiple assignments and sort them as per dates.

Doodle Jump

It is another striking android application made for complete enjoyment. Your kids will definitely love this app. They can score high with the help of doodlers and high jumps. Few appropriate changes have been done to the latest version of this game and are easily available in Android market. The application is a perfect match of skills and entertainment.

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