Things you must see while buying a Desktop

Purchasing computer for home or business purpose is a tough call and it becomes tougher with the exceeding number of choices that are prefaced in the market every day. In order to pick the best one around, you need to have thorough understanding of what you need in your PC. Below is a list of computer components that you should check before buying a computer.


CPU is one of the most important components of your computer. The processor you choose for your computers will decide your PC’s shape, size and performance. In general, the higher is your CPU’s clock speed; the better is its performance and of course, the higher is its price. Another specification to check is the cache size. More cache size is always better. Core i3 and i5 processors offer 4MB cache whereas Core i7 processors give you 6 to 8MB cache.

If your PC’s requirement is limited to word processing, limited media playback, web surfing an Atom processor should work fine for you. However, if your PC has to handle high-end work or serious gaming, then you’ll need to have Core i5 or i7 processors.

Graphic Cards:

Graphics Processing Unit is responsible for whatever is displayed on your computer screen. Whether you watch videos or play games, a GPU is required to do it. Your computer has an integrated GPU, built on the motherboard or in CPU itself and if you are not interested in high-end games, then the in-built CPU will work perfect for you. However, if you have keen interest in high-end gaming, then need to have a discrete graphic card. NVidia and ATI offer a wide range of GPUs to choose from. If you are interested to buy one, you need to keep on simple thing in mind; the higher the number better will be the graphic card and higher will be its price tag. GPUs also depend on the size and brand of your motherboard. For gamers with generous wallet, its best to go for ATI’s Crossfire or NVidia’s SLI technology. A high-end graphic card will cost you in the range near about $150 to $350.


If your computer is for a little more than normal web surfing, emails and word processing, 2GB RAM is well to do. More RAM allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously and it helps improve your computer’s speed and performance. Today, all computers generally come with a minimum 4GB of RAM (though small budget PCs may have 2GB or 3GB).

If your computer needs to handle serious multi-tasking or heavy games, then you need to have at least 4GB RAM. If you do image or video editing, your computer might ask for more (8GB or 16GB). If you are shopping for RAM, you’ll notice two different types: DDR2 and DDR3. Among the two, DDR3 is faster and more expensive.

Hard Drive:

Even the most basic PC should have at least 320GB or hard disk space (though small PCs start with a size of 160GB). Power PCs offer 2TB or even more with options to combine solid-state drive with a hard drive. If your data storage requirement is high, 750GB or 1TB is a fair size.

Keyboard, Mouse and Removable Storage:

Though small but these are also very important components of your PC. Removable storage like CDs and DVDs are necessary and nowadays we have Blue-rays to offer amazing video quality. Wireless mouse and keyboards are good to choose if you get irritated with the tangles on your computer desk.

If you keep these things in mind before buying your PC and choose your computer wisely, you’ll never regret your choice.

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Security Issues- A Major Problem on Your Computer


“It is better to be safe than sorry”. In this contemporary world, everybody is associated with computer technology as it makes their life hassle free. However, protection is needed everywhere, whether you are driving a car or surfing a net. If you are driving a car without tightening a seatbelt, you are more likely to have a crash. You are going to face worse condition if you haven’t strapped yourself properly. Similarly, when we put light in computer technology, you will find that there are countless dangers that can jeopardize your system any time. Therefore, it is quintessential to provide some correct software to your computer in order to save it from any sort of hazard.

We can say that computer security is the science that saves all the data with unremitting services. Its main goal is to make certain that a particular system is kept away from all kinds of cyber-attack. You will find that security issues of computer are rampantly debated because of its augmented worth. There are thousands of confidential documents and information that are shared globally. At the same time, this sharing also doubles the risk of hacking. When you use computer, you will come across various security issues that you won’t be able to recognize at once. Below are cited few security issues that will enable you to expand your knowledge.

Computer Compromise


When your computer is infected with malware such as virus, worm or other software, then it will enable someone else to take over the control of your computer. The following are potential signs that will ensure you that there is a security problem with your system:

  • Your anti-spyware software, antivirus software, or personal firewall reports a problem.
  • Your computer appears slower than usual, runs out of disk space, or crashes more frequently.
  • Getting lots of popup windows while browsing the web, or your web browser leads you to different sites than anticipated.

If you face these sorts of issues, you should instantly reinstall your entire computer’s software.

Net ID Password Theft

Young business man using his laptop for multimedia and site surf

Below are given few signs that will ensure you that your Net ID password is being used by someone without your consent.

  • First of all, your password stops working and this apparently indicates you that whosoever stole your Net ID password has changed it.
  • You start receiving many notifications of undeliverable email messages.
  • You also discover changes to your personal information on university systems.

You should straightaway change your Net ID password and your security questions if you have an iota of doubt that your ID password has been stolen. There are many hidden issues, dangers and things to avoid in the online world, so it is always recommended to surf the internet with protection. Always prefer a trustworthy security suite that can reduce the effect of danger.

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Top 5 Multimedia Computers that steal the Heart of the Users


Multimedia Computers are the best tool, where you can get several facilities under one roof. You can edit your photos, movies and music to create DVDs and the superb multimedia library. You can perform these tasks easily on your multimedia computer. Multimedia computers also have advance editing software to make these chores a gentle wind. It also imparts ultimate tools for saving, organizing and recording certain media. You can also get multiple computing devices that include brilliant software applications to organize your media and permit you to store up hundreds of images and movies. There are many Multimedia Systems that allow the users to record TV shows, music and movies of their choice. Below are listed top 5 Multimedia Computers.

Dell Inspiron 560


It is the ultimate multimedia computer as it imparts best processor, the latest operating system and loads of memory. It enables you to create, store and view your media with no difficulty. This multimedia also gives 1TB of hard drive memory and an Intel Pentium Processor with speed up to 3.2 GHz. If you are in quest of something more compact that can easily fit in your office then Dell Inspiron 560 is an ideal choice as it offers a slim tower.

ASUS Essentio CM1630


It is one of the top multimedia computers because it proffers various whistles and bells. It also features 10 USB ports, 750GB hard drive and ATI Radeon 3000 graphics card. It also includes AMD Athlon II X2 processor that offers a processing speed of 3.3GHz. It enables you to enjoy your media at its best. One of the best aspects of this multimedia is its superb performance features. It actually runs the Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System that allows you easily navigate throughout your computer.

HP TouchSmart 610xt


This Multimedia System has a 23-inch touch screen display. Its outstanding design, large feature set and faster processor are the reasons that made it grab the top 3 position on the list. It provides features that you will hardly find in every desktop. It is all-in-one computer with superb touch screen technology that permits you to touch the screen and let you do your task directly sans any hindrance. This system has a capability to tilt forward five degrees or backward 60 degrees.

Dell XPS 8300


It provides 2TB hard drive and 16 GB RAM. It actually makes an outstanding choice if you are scouting for a significant amount of memory and a fast processor. It can let you save your movies, music and videos on the 2TB hard drive available. You can say that it has the largest hard drive that you can ever find in any of the computers. This also allows you to save your media on your system with ease. It also includes Intel Core i7-2600 processor that offers tremendous processing speed. This also enables you to run various applications at once.

Lenovo IdeaCentre B510


Lenovo includes Intel Core i3-550 processor with a processing speed of 3.2GHz. It   has a basic features and designs, but provides excellent customer service. It also offers one year warranty. There is email, telephone and live chat support, if you get in any kind of trouble or have any ambiguity, and you can easily contact them. It has a 500 GB hard drive that gives ample space to store all your movies, videos and music.

Nowadays, multimedia computers have become a crucial buzz in the society. It’s a high-tech machine that tempts everyone to at least have one at their office or home.

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Best Computer Monitors in Major Categories

When you plan to shop for a computer monitor, you have a particular type, budget and size in mind. The list mentioned below collates the best monitors of different categories. If there is a certain type of monitor that you are interested in, then you can use this as a benchmark for your choice.

The Best All-rounder

The Dell UltraSharp U2713HM is not the best performer neither it is the cheapest, however, its performance ratio of each feature is relatively high making it the choice for best overall computer monitor. It offers an extreme definition resolution of 2560×1440 pixel, useful screen options and several impressive connections, plus USB 3.0 is a nice addition. But not matter what features it adds along, you will have a second thought before paying around $800 for a monitor. However, if you are ready to spend with free hands then this is a choice you won’t repent.

If you are looking for a 27-inch monitor with extreme resolution, where movies and games look great, then Dell UltraSharp U2713HM is perfect for you.

The Best Performer

HP DreamColor LP2480zx has flawless color reproduction. It includes a direct black-level control. Performance of this monitor is second to none, which makes it reach No.1 in the list of high-performing monitors. But the hardest pill to swallow is its expense. The device is priced $2,500 or more, which is difficult to justify. For a price that high, this device would only be considerable for graphics professionals and it will definitely not disappoint them. It lacks in calibration options compared to its competitors however, the device is a true performance monster and if you eliminate the cost factor, this device is flawless.

The Best-buy under budget

Asus PA248Q is highly appreciable in performance and packs useful OSD features and impressive connections. Its under-budget cost is a cherry on top. The monitor is priced around $350 and anyone would be ready to pay for a device like that. The monitor is a perfect combination of performance, grace and feature. A USB 3.0 support adds another plus to it. The only fallback when compared to its predecessors is high color performance, which does not match up.

The Best Gaming Monitor

HP ZR2740w is an incredible gaming monitor. The monitor includes a complete gamut of options and enough USB ports. This monitor cost around $700, which is the best cost to get an extreme definition monitor. In fact, it is the most affordable XD monitor with such amazing resolution and any game lover would be willing to pay that amount if they see this screen functioning.

The Best Simple Monitor

HP x2301 best suits this category. It features a well designed OSD array, thin panel and easily accessible panel options and more in a price as low as $ 180. It is an LED monitor and easily beats its competitors over display quality. This is absolutely worth it and follows all high quality trends.

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