Fight for the Top Five Processors

Intel has always followed the tradition of manufacturing faster CPUs. With its new Ivy Bridge family of processors, no other manufacturer stand a chance to even is in the race of top 5. Whether we talk about speed, performance or power usage, Intel secures high grades for all.

Intel Core i7-3770K escalates to No.1

Intel Core i7-3770K is a new addition to the Ivy Bridge family and is the likely to be the best and fastest CPU in terms of performance in the real world. The processor is able enough to play all the latest games even at reduced settings. The processor comes with the latest upgrade for Intel HD Graphics. Four extra execution units are added along with Direct X 11 support. Some improvements worth appreciating are its enhanced 3D graphic performance, reduced power usage; compatibility with many previous-generation motherboards and it is highly overclockable.

Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition takes the 2nd Position

Intel Core i7-3960X takes the position of second best processor. This processor perfectly handles user’s demand of handling CPU-intensive tasks like video editing. Its overclocking headroom will definitely appeal you if you do not mind paying utmost price. This CPU is the second fastest processor available today. In fact, when compared to its predecessor, Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme is 20% faster. The processor delivers high-end performance in all types of tasks. Few major attractions are its simplified overclocking, all-round performance, support for dual PCIe x16 video cards and low usage of power.

Intel Core i7-2600K holds position 3rd

A significant performance hike was observed with the launch of this processor. There was a drastic speedups compared to its predecessor and the price it charges is worth it. Several single and multi-threaded apps are able to run simultaneously. However, few drawbacks that you will observe in this processor that the integrated graphics are still slow compared to dedicated cards, which are much cheaper.

Intel Core i7-965 Extreme at position 4th

If you are looking for a mid-range or a high-end computer, this processor would prove to be an ideal choice. Intel Core i7-965 sets speed records in multi-threaded applications. Even if a Core 2 processor is running a single-threaded application, Intel Core i7-965 would easily beat it. Speed is significantly high and includes self-overclocking feature. Few limitations of this processor are that it requires a new chipset and motherboard socket and it wouldn’t allow older high-speed memory to run at its full capacity. It also requires 3 or 6 memory DIMMs to deliver best performance.

Intel Core i5-2500K takes 5th Position

Intel Core i5-2500K brings forth a new level of performance in its price range. Its performance matches up to that of Core i7-975 Extreme. The processor delivers very fast performance and the cost is not high when you think of performance. However, requirement for a new chipset and a new socket 1155 motherboard can be considered as a limiting factor. Its slow graphic performance is another drawback.

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Windows 8- A Brief Review

The Good: Fun and fast, huge security enhancement, faster boot, fabulous touch, charm bar, loaded with security features like BitLocker, AppLocker and Secure Boot, it successfully prevents unauthorized usage of applications and software, offers same platform across PC, phone and tablet.

The Bad: Start menu isn’t there anymore, some older CPUs won’t be able to run it, strictly designed keeping touch interface in mind and people using it on a non-touch environment will not enjoy using it, some people might not be comfortable with the modern UI, Windows app store has far less apps than its rivals.

Most anticipated release of the year has finally occurred. Windows 8 has recently hit the market officially and there is enough to say already. The last Windows operating system- Windows 7 was release 3 years back and Windows 8 is its successor. This operating system has been a complete transformation in terms of both appearance as well as usage. Let take a deep dive into its GOODs and BADs. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s first Windows Operating System with multi-touch ability. The operating system is loaded with security features with ability to run Windows Vista and Windows 7 legacy apps.

The all-new UI

The biggest change when you switch from any previous version to Windows 8 is in its interface. The name “Metro” was highly used for this interface, however Microsoft has retired this name but many people are still used to that name. The first screen after the system boots up is a tiled-view of upcoming calendar events, weather reports, incoming tweets etc. One more thing to notice is the missing Start menu. The touch capability is smooth and comforting.

Enhanced Performance

Windows 8 was designer keeping elegance, style and performance in mind. The operating system is surprisingly fast. It boots up faster, loads program quicker and has extra efficiency in managing tasks. In addition to all this, Windows 8 manages energy usage very well. When idle, it drops to a very low power usage state to save power and battery life.

Extra level of Security

Windows 8 offers very convincing security. In addition to the standard password, you can set a 4digit pin to unlock the device. The new security feature that Microsoft has added is “Picture password.” With this feature, you can select any photo and do some random actions on it, which you can replicate easily. This can be used as a password. You do not even need to hit the exact same pixel (just need to repeat the pattern) to unlock the device.

Windows 8 has made vast changes and most of it for good. It offers myriads of built-in applications offering different functionalities ranging from fun applications for gaming, music videos to work related applications. In all the operating system packs, all that you want to do with your operating system. Few glitches if covered would make this operating system a real masterpiece. However, if you are planning to use this on a non-touch device, you might not enjoy it much.

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Antiviruses that made to the Top-6-list

With the increasing number of viruses hitting the market every day, a need for an antivirus that is capable to fight them back is an utter need. No doubt, there are myriad of options for you to choose, but when it comes to security, you deserve the best. A list of antiviruses that made it to the list of top 6 in 2012 is mentioned below.

  • GFI Vipre Antivirus 4 secures position 6. Vipre Antivirus 4 is relatively new and was formerly known as Sunbelt. Vipre 4 proved itself to be reasonably fast, straightforward installation and efficient virus detection. The antivirus works sufficient on detecting common viruses however fails in protecting against spam, phishing and identity theft. The appearance is good and it will not slow your PC down. If your protection need is not too high then Vipre 4 is worth a try.
  • Norton Antivirus 2012 secures position 5. Norton Antivirus is among the strongest performer and is always worth using. The interface is simple and attractive and virus-blocking capability is stupendous. A map pointing all global cybercrime that is happening all over the world in last 24 hours is definitely a standout feature. Norton also offers additional tools, which can be integrated with Norton products and are used to remove relentless malwares. The only place where Norton flunks is speed and web protection. If Norton fixes that, it is sure to hit the top spot.
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2012 secures position 4. ESET NOD32 is a good contender in the race. The interface is very good and malware detection capability is up to the mark. It allows system scanning in safe mode would is definitely a complementary feature. However, malware blocking fluctuates sometimes and is weak against some rootkits.
  • Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 secures position 3. Kaspersky Antivirus is definitely among the best antivirus in the world. Woks tremendous on individual systems and has been rated extremely high among rest of the rivals. File Advisor feature is a new addition and reveals file’s reputation. Kaspersky is also capable of fixing Internet Explorer and Windows settings. Another striking feature is its ability to cleanup traces of browser and computer activities. A little that counts in flaw is low phishing protection against latest sites.
  • McAfee Antivirus 2012 secures position 2. With a Site Advisor, file encryption and a thorough virus scanning, McAfee reaches number 2 in the list. Addition to the rest, McAfee introduces several new options like Parental Control, Network Intruder Alert and restriction on visiting dangerous sites. Security features are huge and spam filtering is accurate. In all, McAfee packs everything that is required to keep you safe from virus threat.
  • BitDefender Antivirus 2012 made it to the top. Winning this tough battle, BitDefender establishes itself as the best antivirus of 2012. Its impeccable speed of finding and blocking malwares and features like Autopilot mode for silent security, Rescue mode for rigorous security, private data protection, monitoring identity theft, parental control, Facebook protection and much more makes it the best option to opt for. The only glitch that you would find is its large installation, but with a product like this, you definitely would mind it.

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Top 5 Microsoft Products that rules Current Market

Microsoft is not only a technology giant but also among the most valued companies in the world. In today’s competitive air, even a giant like Microsoft doesn’t have a chance to can a few winks. No doubt, that Microsoft has always been questioned over its failures, but if it wasn’t for Microsoft, the convenience of modern computer technology that we take for granted today, wouldn’t have reached us this way. Despite of few misses, some of the latest and greatest hits of Microsoft are listed below:

Windows 7

Atop the list of greatest hits of Microsoft is its Windows 7 operating system. After the “not so successful” launch of Microsoft Vista, Microsoft needed a product that could again give it the appreciation it deserves and Windows 7 turned out exactly as it should have. The operating system completely changed the look of “the kind of similar looking” Windows operating systems. Starting from the startup tone and Windows symbol to the pace of performance and in-built apps, all the “new” were for good, and people appreciated and accepted it with open arms.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is and has always been among the most powerful Microsoft’s inventions. Microsoft Office is undoubtedly the most used software applications by both technical as well as non-technical users. Microsoft Office 2010 is the most rapidly selling version of Office suite in the history of Microsoft and Microsoft reaches cloud with Office 365.

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer was kicked out of the race for a long time and other browsers were on a role. Internet Explorer languished over years but the comeback began with IE7. The latest version 9 has turned out to be a true competition for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The browser is fast, stable and highly enjoyable to use. For a die-hard fan of browsers like Opera, Chrome and Firefox, it might not be easy to switch over but IE9 has turned out to a respectable choice.

Kinect for Xbox 360

Kinect for Xbox 360 has completely changed the way you play games, listen to music, and watch TV and movies. With Kinect, there are no remote or controllers but you. Within the first 25 days of its launch, the sale was limited to 100,000 units per day, which quickly exceeded to the mark of 2.5 million. Along with its commercial success, Kinect puts a step in the direction of evolving NUI (Natural User Interface) where human and computer has a direct interaction.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Last but certainly not the least in the list is Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free security solution for all genuine Windows (Windows 7, XP and Vista) users. Microsoft Security Essentials does not claim to be the best antivirus solution out there but certainly is an effective one. It is non-intrusive, light, swift, and offers a performance, which is competence to commercial antiviruses.

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