Get Yourself Organized with the best 5 Productivity apps


If you are done with playing hell lot of games on your Smartphone and now want make your mobile devices more useful than just an entertainer, then there are pool of applications that will do wonders for you. These apps are designed to help you organize few aspects of your life. Now you can go on wasting hours to find which app will suit you best or you can continue reading to find the 5 most productive apps that you should have. Most of these applications and some may cost few clams, but as per the work they do, you wouldn’t mind spending on them.

DropBox (For iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android)


DropBox is a free Cloud Storage application that you would cherish. You can use it to access videos, photos, important documents and other stuff from any computer or mobile device. You can save your files in DropBox of your computer and this will simultaneously be available to all other devices you have. Even if you lose you device, the data remains save in the DropBox, which you access online. With this app, you will no more worry about forgetting an important file in a meeting or even if your PDA is missing.

Triplt (All Mobile Devices)


This app is a must have for travelers. If you are always hopping from one place to another then Triplt is going to help you organize all your traveling and it’s really good at it. Simply forward your flight confirmation emails to Triplt and it will generate your itinerary automatically. Whether you need to share your traveling schedule with someone (Facebook or LinkedIn contact) or remind yourself about the next traveling, Triplt does it all for you. Simple version of this app is free, however higher version are paid.

SwiftKey 3


It is really frustrating when you have to keep scrolling in the options to find the appropriate word while typing. Most of the times your phone fails to guess what you want to type but this is not the case with SwiftKey 3. SwiftKey 3 is Android’s smarter, faster and more accurate keyboard. The app includes artificial intelligence, which helps them learn your writing style. The app also predicts the next word you might want to type. It also predicts the places you visit and the people you know based on the sources you allot to SwiftKey 3. If it all sounds a bit creepy, then go on and read the privacy policy of this app, which clearly says that the company doesn’t store your login credentials, passwords or key presses.


Pulse NewsMain._SL648_V165455553_

This app is perfect for news junkies who love to read news in leisurely manner. Pulse organize all of your favorite news sources, frame it into attractive tiles, sync them across other devices you use and save it as an offline content to read it later. This is like creating a newspaper the way you want it to be. When you want to read from this app, you can simply tap into the tile you are interested to read.

Wayk 4


Wayk 4 is a gen-next alarm clock that does a little more than a simple wake me up device and is much smarter. To set the alarm time, choose the hours on inner digital wheel and minutes on outer digital wheel. When alarm rings in the morning, wave your hand over your touch phone to make it snooze for some time. The alarm reminds you of the time along with the local temperature. There is also an option to wake up with your favorite RSS feed or to your Google Calendar so that you can prepare the day ahead before you laid a step on the ground.

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With iPad 4, Apple Continues to Dominate the Tablet Market.


Apple continues to be the best tablet production company till date with the introduction of its 4th generation iPad. As it is a renowned fact that Apple focuses on improving its existing features rather than adding up new features, and it has done something similar this time too with its iPad 4. iPad 4 is a complete package when performance, apps, user interface and speed are matter of concerns.

Physical features:


At the first glance, you will not be able to differentiate between iPad 4 and its previous version, as it looks just the same as iPad 3. However, this comes with a storage space of 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB. We would suggest you to go for 32 GB, if you desire to store movies, videos and music files in your tablet. 32 GB model will enable to retain a good speed of its performance. Also, all the three storage space come with different pricing.

The screen-size of iPad 4 is same as iPad 3 viz. 9.7 inch, has a sealed battery, single headphone jack and one Home button. You can find a front 1.2 Megapixel camera and 5 Megapixel camera at the back side of the panel.

The feature that makes it different from its previous versions is its ‘lightning connector’. Of course, the retina Display cannot be overlooked that sets it apart again. The pixel density of iPad 4 is 263 ppi, which beats the rest of the tablets, except Nexus 10 that comes with 330 ppi. However the battery beats the Nexus 10 in playing videos, as iPad 4 played a video at complete brightness for 5 hours & 36 minutes, but Nexus 10 could play it only for 5 hours.



The fourth generation of iPad uses all the apps that are used in the previous versions of iPad. However, the iPad apps have been upgraded to retina versions. We can’t deny the fact that all the iOS apps are doing great in the market, but it is also a fact that this Wi-Fi model of iPad 4 doesn’t have GPS, which is why it cannot make use of the mapping service.


iPad 4

Apple A6X is the latest processor that runs at a speed of 1.4 GHz and this is the one that has been deployed in the fourth generation of iPad. This is the fastest processor till date and you can understand that it has the best speed because of the best processor.

When you compare the “download” performance of iPad 4 with Nexus 10, you can see both the devices download at a very fast pace, but there is still a difference, as iPad 4 makes it faster than Nexus 10. The download speed of iPad 4 is 37 Mbps, but that of Nexus 10 is 23 Mbps.

If you move to the gaming section, here also you will find a better performance by iPad 4 than Nexus 10.

So, it is pretty evident that with the launch of iPad 4, Apple reigns the market of tablets.

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Which Is Better: Nexus 4 or iPhone 5?

There has been a tough competition between smartphone companies, which provide more or less similar features. The history has witnessed many such rivalries, however lately it is between Google and Apple. The struggle to bag the winner’s position is between Nexus 4 and iPhone 5, read on to find the fields for which they are competing.


This is the thing that catches the eyes of an individual during the first glimpse of a phone. The trend going on these days is “the bigger it is the better it is”. Nexus 4 has 4.7 inch HD display, which has a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels that has 318 pixels per inch.

IPhone 5 has 4 inch backlit display, which has a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels with a pixel density of 326 ppi. Here, you can understand that the display quality of iPhone 5 is better than that of Nexus. However, both the devices have Gorilla glass protection.


The weight of Nexus 4 is 139g and iPhone 5 is 112g, so it is evident that iPhone 5 is lighter than Nexus 4. The dimension of Nexus 4 is 133.9mm x 68.7mm x 9.1mm and that of iPhone 5 is 123.8mm x 58.6mm x 7.6mm.

Apple had an idea of keeping the width of iPhone 5 is same as its elder brother, however it is slightly taller than iPhone 4. The design of iPhone 5 is created with a notion of handling it singe-handed comfortably, which is bit difficult with Nexus 4 because of its heavy weight.

Nexus body is made up of plastic, which makes it heavier and more solid than iPhone 5, iPhone 5 is made up of aluminum that makes it way beyond lighter than Nexus 4. It is, however, important to mention that the aluminum body of iPhone 5 is more susceptible to scuffs despite of being more stylish.

Interface and Platform:

IPhone 5 uses the latest iOS 6 and Nexus 4 uses the best version of Android O.S viz. 4.2 Jelly Bean. You cannot get away from the fact that iOS 6 provides a great platform for high-end games and applications. Also the fact lies that to watch a YouTube video, to have a great experience of desktop browsing in a phone and for perfect directions, there is not any better option other than an Android phone.

Our Verdict:

It is too early to decide the winner between the two; there are pros and cons with both the models. However, it is always the “user” who decides which device takes it over. All we can do now is: wait for the audience response, which is the ultimate deciding factor.

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You May Like iPad Mini More Than iPad 3

Lately, iPad Mini has been unveiled and changed the opinion of Apple users, who expected things to be different with iPad Mini. When it was known that it lacks the retina display, the users were put off thinking it wouldn’t be worth purchasing it. However, we have to admit the fact that after having hands on with this model, we can say that in many cases, it is better than iPad 3. If you have an experience of iOS ecosystem, then you would enjoy the comfort that iPad Mini provides with its 8-inch display. Read on the five reasons behind our verdict.


It can be carried anywhere, as the device is extremely light in your pocket. This doesn’t mean that iPad 3 is not good, but portability does matter. Also, you can download Kindle app faster in iPad mini and start reading your e-books immediately.


These days, people are so much obsessed with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites that they tend to spend time reading their RSS Feeds, chatting and scrambling around the sites. It becomes difficult to do such things using a laptop or a computer, while lying down or walking around the room. Of course, you can use an iPad 3 or any previous generation of iPad, but using iPad Mini will give you a high level of comfort, as you can hold it without much effort and use it in any kind of posture.

1024×768 display:

As iPad Mini has 1024×768 display, it can be used with the mobile optimized websites and also, with full blown websites. An added advantage is that you can either use the optimized apps meant for iPad or you have an option of blowing up the iPhone apps in a bigger screen.

Renders easy typing:

It was great to discover that we could type using the thumbs, while holding it in a portrait mode. The experience is just the same as in a phone. However, iPad 3 or previous models do not provide such an ease of typing.


If you could remember, I mentioned about the familiarity of iOS ecosystem. It is because iPad Mini can use many of the apps both from iPad and iPhone, which means you can dive into the sea of wide variety of apps.

iPad Mini may not be for the users, who have higher demands along with a retina display screen. However, it would be suitable for many other users who need a lighter, faster and flexible version of iPad.

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Best Computer Monitors in Major Categories

When you plan to shop for a computer monitor, you have a particular type, budget and size in mind. The list mentioned below collates the best monitors of different categories. If there is a certain type of monitor that you are interested in, then you can use this as a benchmark for your choice.

The Best All-rounder

The Dell UltraSharp U2713HM is not the best performer neither it is the cheapest, however, its performance ratio of each feature is relatively high making it the choice for best overall computer monitor. It offers an extreme definition resolution of 2560×1440 pixel, useful screen options and several impressive connections, plus USB 3.0 is a nice addition. But not matter what features it adds along, you will have a second thought before paying around $800 for a monitor. However, if you are ready to spend with free hands then this is a choice you won’t repent.

If you are looking for a 27-inch monitor with extreme resolution, where movies and games look great, then Dell UltraSharp U2713HM is perfect for you.

The Best Performer

HP DreamColor LP2480zx has flawless color reproduction. It includes a direct black-level control. Performance of this monitor is second to none, which makes it reach No.1 in the list of high-performing monitors. But the hardest pill to swallow is its expense. The device is priced $2,500 or more, which is difficult to justify. For a price that high, this device would only be considerable for graphics professionals and it will definitely not disappoint them. It lacks in calibration options compared to its competitors however, the device is a true performance monster and if you eliminate the cost factor, this device is flawless.

The Best-buy under budget

Asus PA248Q is highly appreciable in performance and packs useful OSD features and impressive connections. Its under-budget cost is a cherry on top. The monitor is priced around $350 and anyone would be ready to pay for a device like that. The monitor is a perfect combination of performance, grace and feature. A USB 3.0 support adds another plus to it. The only fallback when compared to its predecessors is high color performance, which does not match up.

The Best Gaming Monitor

HP ZR2740w is an incredible gaming monitor. The monitor includes a complete gamut of options and enough USB ports. This monitor cost around $700, which is the best cost to get an extreme definition monitor. In fact, it is the most affordable XD monitor with such amazing resolution and any game lover would be willing to pay that amount if they see this screen functioning.

The Best Simple Monitor

HP x2301 best suits this category. It features a well designed OSD array, thin panel and easily accessible panel options and more in a price as low as $ 180. It is an LED monitor and easily beats its competitors over display quality. This is absolutely worth it and follows all high quality trends.

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Fight for the Top Five Processors

Intel has always followed the tradition of manufacturing faster CPUs. With its new Ivy Bridge family of processors, no other manufacturer stand a chance to even is in the race of top 5. Whether we talk about speed, performance or power usage, Intel secures high grades for all.

Intel Core i7-3770K escalates to No.1

Intel Core i7-3770K is a new addition to the Ivy Bridge family and is the likely to be the best and fastest CPU in terms of performance in the real world. The processor is able enough to play all the latest games even at reduced settings. The processor comes with the latest upgrade for Intel HD Graphics. Four extra execution units are added along with Direct X 11 support. Some improvements worth appreciating are its enhanced 3D graphic performance, reduced power usage; compatibility with many previous-generation motherboards and it is highly overclockable.

Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition takes the 2nd Position

Intel Core i7-3960X takes the position of second best processor. This processor perfectly handles user’s demand of handling CPU-intensive tasks like video editing. Its overclocking headroom will definitely appeal you if you do not mind paying utmost price. This CPU is the second fastest processor available today. In fact, when compared to its predecessor, Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme is 20% faster. The processor delivers high-end performance in all types of tasks. Few major attractions are its simplified overclocking, all-round performance, support for dual PCIe x16 video cards and low usage of power.

Intel Core i7-2600K holds position 3rd

A significant performance hike was observed with the launch of this processor. There was a drastic speedups compared to its predecessor and the price it charges is worth it. Several single and multi-threaded apps are able to run simultaneously. However, few drawbacks that you will observe in this processor that the integrated graphics are still slow compared to dedicated cards, which are much cheaper.

Intel Core i7-965 Extreme at position 4th

If you are looking for a mid-range or a high-end computer, this processor would prove to be an ideal choice. Intel Core i7-965 sets speed records in multi-threaded applications. Even if a Core 2 processor is running a single-threaded application, Intel Core i7-965 would easily beat it. Speed is significantly high and includes self-overclocking feature. Few limitations of this processor are that it requires a new chipset and motherboard socket and it wouldn’t allow older high-speed memory to run at its full capacity. It also requires 3 or 6 memory DIMMs to deliver best performance.

Intel Core i5-2500K takes 5th Position

Intel Core i5-2500K brings forth a new level of performance in its price range. Its performance matches up to that of Core i7-975 Extreme. The processor delivers very fast performance and the cost is not high when you think of performance. However, requirement for a new chipset and a new socket 1155 motherboard can be considered as a limiting factor. Its slow graphic performance is another drawback.

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Windows 8- A Brief Review

The Good: Fun and fast, huge security enhancement, faster boot, fabulous touch, charm bar, loaded with security features like BitLocker, AppLocker and Secure Boot, it successfully prevents unauthorized usage of applications and software, offers same platform across PC, phone and tablet.

The Bad: Start menu isn’t there anymore, some older CPUs won’t be able to run it, strictly designed keeping touch interface in mind and people using it on a non-touch environment will not enjoy using it, some people might not be comfortable with the modern UI, Windows app store has far less apps than its rivals.

Most anticipated release of the year has finally occurred. Windows 8 has recently hit the market officially and there is enough to say already. The last Windows operating system- Windows 7 was release 3 years back and Windows 8 is its successor. This operating system has been a complete transformation in terms of both appearance as well as usage. Let take a deep dive into its GOODs and BADs. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s first Windows Operating System with multi-touch ability. The operating system is loaded with security features with ability to run Windows Vista and Windows 7 legacy apps.

The all-new UI

The biggest change when you switch from any previous version to Windows 8 is in its interface. The name “Metro” was highly used for this interface, however Microsoft has retired this name but many people are still used to that name. The first screen after the system boots up is a tiled-view of upcoming calendar events, weather reports, incoming tweets etc. One more thing to notice is the missing Start menu. The touch capability is smooth and comforting.

Enhanced Performance

Windows 8 was designer keeping elegance, style and performance in mind. The operating system is surprisingly fast. It boots up faster, loads program quicker and has extra efficiency in managing tasks. In addition to all this, Windows 8 manages energy usage very well. When idle, it drops to a very low power usage state to save power and battery life.

Extra level of Security

Windows 8 offers very convincing security. In addition to the standard password, you can set a 4digit pin to unlock the device. The new security feature that Microsoft has added is “Picture password.” With this feature, you can select any photo and do some random actions on it, which you can replicate easily. This can be used as a password. You do not even need to hit the exact same pixel (just need to repeat the pattern) to unlock the device.

Windows 8 has made vast changes and most of it for good. It offers myriads of built-in applications offering different functionalities ranging from fun applications for gaming, music videos to work related applications. In all the operating system packs, all that you want to do with your operating system. Few glitches if covered would make this operating system a real masterpiece. However, if you are planning to use this on a non-touch device, you might not enjoy it much.

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