Fix Error 1933 Easily!

Microsoft Windows Configuration

Generally Error 1933 reads, “Windows files must be installed for your installation to proceed”. This error occurs, when a user tries to install a Microsoft project on a Windows XP system (or Microsoft 2000 or Microsoft 2003). So, this problem occurs when the files to be installed face conflicts with the operating system.

Cause of Error 1933:


This problem occurs when Microsoft project attempts to copy Fpencode.dll file, which has been write-protected by any of the above mentioned operating systems. This behavior occurs, when you try to install the Microsoft project in a system that is running on OEM version of Windows XP. Your system will not allow the installation of files and the setup will try to overwrite these files.

If your system is running on Windows XP Home edition, then you will be prompted to insert Windows XP Professional CD.

How to resolve Error 1933?


You need to copy the Fpencode.dll file from the Microsoft’s project to the location—Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\40\Bin folder. Let us see the steps involved in doing this:

  • Insert the CD of the Microsoft Project. Make sure that the CD shouldn’t run automatically. So, you need to press & hold the ‘Shift’ key.
  • Open your Windows Explorer and navigate to the location that has your Microsoft project, usually CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
  • Search for ‘Fpencode.dll’ file and copy it, by right clicking on it.
  • Go to Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\40\Bin folder location and paste ‘Fpencode.dll’ file into it.
  • ‘Confirm File Replace’ dialog box will appear asking for the confirmation of replacing the files. Confirm it, by clicking ‘Yes’.
  • Exit your Windows Explorer folder.
  • Now, run Microsoft’s project and you will be able to install the files successfully.

If this doesn’t work, then you may need to copy ‘Fp4autl.dll’ file too. After these two files are copied from the Microsoft Project, run the project and it should work.

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Security Issues- A Major Problem on Your Computer


“It is better to be safe than sorry”. In this contemporary world, everybody is associated with computer technology as it makes their life hassle free. However, protection is needed everywhere, whether you are driving a car or surfing a net. If you are driving a car without tightening a seatbelt, you are more likely to have a crash. You are going to face worse condition if you haven’t strapped yourself properly. Similarly, when we put light in computer technology, you will find that there are countless dangers that can jeopardize your system any time. Therefore, it is quintessential to provide some correct software to your computer in order to save it from any sort of hazard.

We can say that computer security is the science that saves all the data with unremitting services. Its main goal is to make certain that a particular system is kept away from all kinds of cyber-attack. You will find that security issues of computer are rampantly debated because of its augmented worth. There are thousands of confidential documents and information that are shared globally. At the same time, this sharing also doubles the risk of hacking. When you use computer, you will come across various security issues that you won’t be able to recognize at once. Below are cited few security issues that will enable you to expand your knowledge.

Computer Compromise


When your computer is infected with malware such as virus, worm or other software, then it will enable someone else to take over the control of your computer. The following are potential signs that will ensure you that there is a security problem with your system:

  • Your anti-spyware software, antivirus software, or personal firewall reports a problem.
  • Your computer appears slower than usual, runs out of disk space, or crashes more frequently.
  • Getting lots of popup windows while browsing the web, or your web browser leads you to different sites than anticipated.

If you face these sorts of issues, you should instantly reinstall your entire computer’s software.

Net ID Password Theft

Young business man using his laptop for multimedia and site surf

Below are given few signs that will ensure you that your Net ID password is being used by someone without your consent.

  • First of all, your password stops working and this apparently indicates you that whosoever stole your Net ID password has changed it.
  • You start receiving many notifications of undeliverable email messages.
  • You also discover changes to your personal information on university systems.

You should straightaway change your Net ID password and your security questions if you have an iota of doubt that your ID password has been stolen. There are many hidden issues, dangers and things to avoid in the online world, so it is always recommended to surf the internet with protection. Always prefer a trustworthy security suite that can reduce the effect of danger.

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